SALARY: $26.43 – $37.34 PER HOUR (GRADE 14)


This is position will be responsible for ensuring the ongoing, day-to-day

operations and maintenance of the existing and newly implemented Electronic Health Record

(EHR) servers and systems and working directly with Indian Health Services (IHS) and other

EHR as appropriate personnel to perform upgrades and maintenance of the system(s). The CAC

coordinates implementation of new software products obtained by the facility specific to these

functions. In addition, this position serves as our Clinical Laboratory Manager, which includes

performance and quality assurance testing; interpreting and correlating clinical laboratory tests by

following protocols and applicable rules and regulations; and assists in the maintenance of lab



Performs all assigned duties in compliance with

Wellness Center policies and external regulations. Is responsible for bringing compliance issues

to the attention of management.

1. Provides excellent customer service.

2. Performs moderate to high complexity testing.

3. Maintains accurate records and documentation.

4. Participates in quality control and preventive maintenance.

5. Assists with training.

6. Performs all other duties, at the discretion of management, as assigned.

7. Implements and supports software packages that automate the capture of clinical

encounter information and its subsequent use.

8. Manages the customization of the site parameters and addresses integration issues with

other software packages.

9. Analyzes and evaluates processes related to information flow.

10. Serves as liaison between work groups concerning these processes.

11. Serves on clinic and departmental teams, wherever and whenever management

determines the skills and talents of the CAC would be best utilized.

12. Analyzes software usage to determine procedural issues versus system/application


13. Assists staff and provides training in the efficient use of the clinical software.

14. Promotes an awareness of the importance of data validity and data security.

15. Coordinate’s efforts to correct deficiencies and errors that occur in the EHR/RPMS.

16. Works with IHS, Northwest Portland Indian Health Board and with other outside

agencies/entities to test software, identifying software problems and requesting


17. Logs all problems, referring those requiring a higher level of technical support to the

appropriate person or team.

18. Creates a positive environment for reporting application and/or system deficiencies and

suggestions for system improvements and enhanced functionality.

19. Establishes effective interpersonal relationships with all levels of department personnel.

20. Promotes an atmosphere that encourages enthusiasm and user participation in clinical



1. Two or more years in clinical application support in healthcare industry or a degree in

Medical Informatics. Alternatively, a minimum four years’ experience in direct patient

care (medical, pharmacy, nursing or allied health) with evidence of interest and

knowledge of EHR/RPMS software packages or in medical informatics.

2. Experience serving as a liaison between groups within an organization, as an effective

member of organizational teams and in coordinating software implementation projects

3. Advanced computer skills and knowledge of software is required.

4. Candidate must have a valid driver’s license and be eligible for the Tribe’s

automobile insurance.

5. Must be able to work in a team environment.

6. Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills preferred.

7. The selected candidate must successfully complete a pre-employment drug screen

test, and a complete background investigation, including relevant criminal history,

prior to employment.

Behavior standards:

Respectful, courteous, and friendly to customers, other tribal employees, and tribal

leaders. A team player that helps the organization meet its objectives. Takes initiative to meet work

objectives. Effective communications with customers and other tribal employees. Gets along with coworkers and managers. Positively represents the tribe maintaining the trust Skokomish residents have place

in each of us. Demonstrates honesty and ethical behavior.


The employee will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Violation of

this agreement can result in immediate dismissal.


The Skokomish Tribe is committed to providing a drug-free

workplace for its employees, volunteers and the community it serves. By Skokomish Tribal policy, this

position requires pre-employment drug testing.


The Skokomish Tribe’s Indian Preference Policy applies to this position. First

preference will be given to qualified, enrolled Skokomish tribal members. Second preference will be given

to qualified Native American applicants who provide proof of enrollment in a federally recognized tribe.

Applicants not entitled to, or who fail to claim Indian Preference, will receive consideration without regard

to ethnic/national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, or membership in the

tribal organization.

This position is at will and does not create a contractual relationship between the tribe

and the employee.

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Skokomish Indian Tribe

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